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Kode Crumbs is a place where high school students with a passion for technology come together to learn, create, and share their ideas. We provide a platform for students to explore their interests in computer science and technology, whether it &apos s programming, web development, game design, or anything else. Our community is supportive, collaborative, and inclusive, and we welcome students of all backgrounds and skill levels. Join us today and be part of the future of technology!

Meet the team!

portrait of Kartikey

Kartikey Singh Chauhan

Founder + Full Stack Developer

portrait of Kunwar

Kunwar Utkarsh

Co-Founder + Graphic Desinger

portrait of Shreya

Shreya Mauyra

Co-Founder + Marketing Manager

portrait of Rakrita

Rakrita Rao

Social Media Manager

portrait of Chitransh

Chitransh Verma

Full Stack Developer

portrait of Kashvi

Kashvi Paul

Senior Editor

portrait of Pavni

Pavni Pandey



Thank you ♥ everyone for shaping Kode Crumbs :)

portrait of Malycia

Malycia Ashley

Lead UI Designer (they/them)

Kode Crumbs

Unleashing the power of code, one crumb at a time.

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