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April 2023

Kode Quest: Discover your path

Kode Quest is the ultimate search engine for high schoolers looking to find opportunities tailored to their interests and needs. With advanced filters and refinements, Kode Quest helps you save time and discover the best opportunities out there, all in one place.

As high schoolers, we are always on the hunt for new opportunities to develop our skills and enhance our resumes. However, the process of finding these opportunities can be incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s where Kode Quest comes in – a custom search engine built by the Kode Crumbs team that is specifically designed to help high schoolers find opportunities catered to them. What is Kode Quest? Kode Quest is a search engine that searches over Google PSE (Programmable Search Engine) to find opportunities that are perfect for high schoolers.

search-engine technology

2 minutes